Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mission Christmas Party - 2011

Our Mission Christmas Party was on Friday, Dec. 23rd. We had lots of fun ... love it when the whole mission gets together - well minus the Bahamas, Turks, and Cayman Island missionaries! Here are the tables - Sister Hendricks asked me for ideas for them and she liked both of mine - placemats and mugs with candy. When Elder Smith and I went to the Farm Store to see if they had enough of the right size mugs, the clerk said, pointing to the back room: "There are some living over there!" made us laugh. These 5 elders crowded into a bench built for four - reminded me of Pres. Kimball ( I think) - that told a story of his friends all crowding into a pew and then flexing their muscles - and the ends of the bench fell off and they fell out! Here are our four beautiful Sisters - one part Jamaican from Canada, one from Hawaii, one from Utah and Sister Everette from North Carolina - aren't they pretty? Elder and Sister Daniels are next...she plays the piano for Mission functions, they are the office couple and the branch president in Yallas - very wonderful friends. When these two elders walked in with their "ugly Christmas sweaters" - I told the elder standing next to me when he laughed. Haven't you ever been to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party? Have now - was his reply!! Elder Baird and Ostberg are our Zone Leaders - stationed in Santa Cruz - they said at the shop they bought the sweaters they were told: "One size fits all" - maybe not!!

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