Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zone Conference Kingston

Here is the two Zones that had Zone Conference last week - loved being with so many of the great missionaries of the Jamaica Kingston Mission! We said goodbye to Elder and Sister Flake - going home to AZ!! When we took the mail to Ocho Rios this is how we found Elder Randel and Elder Kartchner - street contacting and giving out Book of Mormon's - way to go Elders!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby chicks!

Today the Whiteheads came out from Kingston and brought 250 chicks for us to help deliver to our coops - new and not so new. This is the coop that our family helped build a week ago! Elder Whitehead said it was one of the best! The baby chicks are so cute and yellow and fluffy - we also provide two feeders and water containers for the projects.

Monday, January 23, 2012

At the Airport

This morning we got us very early and drove to Montego Bay to take the Kreober's back to the airport ... they should be home in Provo around midnight tonight. We had a really good time and we hope some more family and friends can visit!! Eli and Isaac made 'temples' out of the dominoes when we were finished playing with them. So loved having grandchildren around - seems very quiet at our house now!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Frosting Cookies

I saved some of the Christmas cookies in the freezer for when Eli and Isaac came to visit -- so after Church today we frosted and sprinkled cookies!! Here is Isaac with his and Eli with his - Grandma is loving having grandchildren to frost cookies with!

Junction Primary

Here is Eli and Sebastian, a ten year old in our branch. Kalani (three years old) was fascinated with Isaac - loved sitting by him and felt his hair often! Isaac was good about it - his best friend next door in Provo is also named Kalani. We had a ball game after making choices in Primary - Here is the whole Primary - quite a change from Eli and Isaac's usual Edgemont Fourth Ward Primary!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

More YS Falls

While Heather and Chris and Eli went on the 5 zip lines, Isaac and Keenyn and Grandpa and Grandma played at the children's pool - really nice mineral spring water - clear and warm...We had lunch at the end of the ride back to the van ...Heather and Chris liked this lots better than Dunn's River Falls on the North side of the island.

YS Falls

We had a great time today at YS Falls - two British Gentlemen owned a large part of land - Yates and Scott - so it is YS ranch now...and YS River and YS Falls - shortest word in Jamaica the cashier said. We rode a 'jittney' pulled by a tractor up a road to the water...really nice natural spring swimming pools - one just 3-4 feet for the children. Chris and Heather and Eli went on the 5 zip lines - usually the limit was 9 years old but Eli was big enough and had a ball. One lady in their group got too scared and didn't do it! We passed 100 year old trees on the way - great scenery.

Friday, January 20, 2012

More Port Royal

More of the old Fort Charles, Horaito Nelson was the commander here for a while! I think it is amazing that anything is left from the 17th Century!!

Port Royal - Kingston

We visited Port Royal today and walked around Fort Charles - built by the British in 1632 (?) - they had big cannons and interesting rooms - knocked crocked by an earthquake - Eli and Isaac liked that!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Treasure Beach Thur.

Treasure Beach boat ride - out to Pelican Bar...lots of birds on a sand bar AND a shack housing a drink bar!! Elder Smith and Sister Smith did some missionary work for one half the day and then joined the Kroeber's for afternoon beach fun and dinner - loved it!

Keenyn likes our step stool

Our top cupboards are very high and when we moved in we purchased a small step stool so we could reach the top of them...Keenyn has so enjoyed sitting, pushing, and standing up to play in the sink on it! The first time we ate dinner here it was really cute and it kept him occupied. Then when it was time for the Kroeber's to go to their motel room - he dragged it all the way across the room to the front door! He wanted to take it with him! we had a good laugh and discouraged him from doing that!!

Treasure Beach Wed.

Here we are at Treasure Beach....I was taking pictures of the Kreober's and large group of college kids from George Mason University - WA DC (helping for two weeks in school here) - anyway she came right over and offered to take a picture so we could all be in it! Here is Keenyn loving the sand, Chris and Eli getting ready to go snorkeling, Isaac with the tunnel in front of the sand castle and the beach! Warm and sunny!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kroeber's visit Junction

We received a fun Christmas package from the Smith's in CO tonight ... what a darling heirloom wall hanging - we all love it especailly Faye's contribution!! thanks so much Emily and Kurt's family. Eli and Isaac and Grandma played dominoes for a while after dinner. Before dinner we swam in the Junction Guest House swimming pool and enjoyed Keenyn getting into our cupboards - pretty easy even - no doors!!

More chicken coop building

Yay - with the Kroebers help we finished in one day - usually takes us two! Here is Isaac with Kalani Dixon - she is three and Isaac has a best friend Kalani that lives next door in Provo, Utah. Isaac built a 'temple' with the extra wooden ends - Heather helping Mazie Powell carry the zinc for the roof of the coop. It was a really good day.