Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Adventure

Elder Harold and Sister Dianne Smith have embarked on a new adventure.  We will be moving to Lewistown, Montana the first week of November.  Elder Smith will be the director of Recreation at the Montana State Mental Health Long term care facility there.  We are excited to serve in a new job and new area of the USA and a new ward.  Thanks to all for the love and support you gave us the last two years as we served in Jamaica.  We encourage ALL Senior Couples who can to serve a mission... nothing you can do is more important than the Lord's work on this earth.  "God be with you, until we meet again."  Elder and Sister Smith

CO trip

 Aunt Sue and Uncle John Montgomery and Anne's children Simon and Eliza
 Emily dipped plastic spoons in chocolate and then raspberry, marshmallows, and toffee bits - then you stirred your hot chocolate with the spoon and flavored it - yummy!
Christian's cousins and friends at the wonderful after baptism party at their house.

Christian's Baptism

 Parents Kurt and Emily Smith, Grandparents John and Alana Sheffield, Harold and Dianne Smith
 Proud Christian
 Clark and his friend - both with broken arms!!  delights of youth.

Every missionary LOVES baptisms - and when it is a very special person already - so great!  We went to Parker, CO for the baptism of our eight year old grandson, Christian Glenn Smith - Kurt's oldest son.  It was amazing to see their lovely home, eat their delicious food, play with the darling grandchildren and then to witness the baptism of Christian.  Loved it!  This is the last family that we hadn't seen since our return from Jamaica - so this will be the last post for this blog.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We got to meet Cancance and the new baby - Allie.  Allie was born August 5th, not due until Nov. 20 - she is gaining weight and doing well - Elder and Sister Whitehead, our humanitarian mission couple are the grand parents and Candance was a nurse in the Logan Hospital when our grand daughter Sadie was born.  Candance visited Lindsey and Sadie so we wanted to return the favor - beautiful Mom and Baby.

Sister Everette

After the wagon ride we played at a neat pirate ship playground and had a nice picnic lunch.

 In Raleigh, to take the airplane back to Utah we had the privilege of meeting with one of our favorite Sister Missionaries - Susan Everette - she lives in Elm City, NC - her parents are delightful and it was a fun few minutes to chat with them ... you sure learn to love the young missionaries - and the seniors also!!

Lazy 5 Ranch

 When the parents went to the coast - we took the kids to the Lazy 5 Ranch - about 2 hours away.  There you ride on wagons and have a bucket to feed the animals - they are named Lazy 5 because the animals are lazy and get free lunch!
 The bison and water buffalo just open their mouth and you put the food in.
 Cute Hardy kids - and their buckets of feed.
Luke feeding the giraffe.

More North Carolina

 Church was great on Sunday - here we are waiting for the men to come - the cute girl in purple is a Beehive Girl in Jennie's class - she picks her up and brings her to church.
All of us at the Summerfield Ward - Greensboro, NC Stake.

North Carolina Visit

Sorry - just realized that I have posted some of these pictures and stories twice - that's what happens when you are OLD .. and getting older every minute!  We flew to North Carolina and had a great visit with Jennie and Jason's family.  They were getting the garden boxes ready for winter - we harvested and kept beans for seed, and marigold seeds also.  Jumping on the tramp was so much fun!  A butterfly came and landed on Grace's hand - she also found a caterpiller to put in a jar and see if it turns into a moth or butterfly,

Elder Smith's Birthday

We drove to Wenatchee Washington to visit a daughter and her family - Elder Smith had his 70th birthday while we were there - Here Kacey and Jordan and Heidi are feeding newborn kittens that were abandoned and brought to Jordan - she's the neighborhood Vet doctor!  Loved our visit in WA.

Stake Conference Granada Hills, California

 On Sunday, September 9th - we spoke at the Granada Hills Stake Conference.  We loved seeing our friends and feeling the great spirit of the new Mission President, the Stake Presidency and the good people of the stake.
We met tiny Brooke Bradford, held by her big sister Karissa - plus two brothers in between them!  Lee Bradford is the Bishop of the ward now - he served as a counselor to Bishop Smith.  Great trip and good weather - final good-bye to living in Southern California...hope to visit with Polly sometime.

Utah State Fair

 Sam and Emilee with Talus and Baden along with Grandma and Grandpa attended the Utah State Fair...actually Sam left at noon to fly back to Anchorage, AK.  We had a great time.
The boys loved the 'hands on' farming display and planted and harvested and drove tractors and sold their goods and bought treats!  thanks so much to the FFA for the good education for all.
We were the first riders of the day on the giant slide and so got two rides for the price of one!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


 We arrived at the Salt Lake Airport on Sept. 4th - this was our wonderful welcoming committee!!
 Loved the signs!
We all went to Lindsey and Dan's house for dessert and some quick family time - this is all the grandkids that were able to welcome us.  We will travel to WA and MT and NC and CO in the next weeks to see the rest!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We can be reached at ...

Our current address is:  790 Crestview Avenue, Provo, Utah  84604  phone: Elder Smith 227-4630, Sister Smith - 227-9932 - email: - please stay in touch!  We may be reporting our mission in the Edgemont 4th Ward after General Conference - middle of October??  would love to have guests come and eat lunch at our daughter's house after church - I'll post on this the time, place, etc.

Report Talks in California

This is the Granada Hills Stake Center ... we reported our mission are were released on September 9th.  Lots of great people in this stake and we will miss our good friends from Southern California as we have now relocated to Provo, Utah - at least for the time being.  Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend in CA.


 At the Norman Manley International Airport, early morning Sept. 4th - we loved this sign: Jamaica - A Nation on a Mission!!!  We were just leaving after 23 months of our LDS Mission here in this beautiful island.
This is the wonderful sight we received at the end of the walkway in the Salt Lake City International Airport! Lots of kids and grand kids dressed in Jamaica Shirts with two great signs and lots of love and hugs!  Also Sister Pat Aptgood who served in Jamaica with us ... loved our homecoming.  We will have to start another blog with this title now outdated!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Elder and Sister Wright

After Church meetings in Junction, Elder and Sister Wright invited us and the Missionaries to dinner.  Great dinner of taco salads, watermelon and ice cream for dessert!  We sure love the Wrights - and Elder McLeod and Elder Shurtleff are happy to live just down the parking lot ... lots of great dinners!!

Marcus and Paul

 Three really great young men, Marcus, Romain and Neil - all baptized since we left Junction - all active!
 Ritchie was baptized while we were there and has stayed faithful ... great growth in the branch.
We took a quick trip to Ocho Rios after leaving Junction, here is our good friend Paul Lester and his son Peter... They are doing well also - working on their house and yard - love them so much!

Last Sunday in Junction

 Our last Sunday in Jamaica we visited Junction Branch ... here is the Primary - love these kids!  And Sister Ellington is the Primary President now and taught a great lesson.
 After the lesson we made creatures out of these 'fuzzy sticks' - no longer called pipe cleaners!
 After the fun fuzzy sticks we frosted and sprinkled graham crackers - so easy and good!
We stopped in Mandeville on our way to Junction and gave mail to Elder Brockbank and Elder Gray.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Cars

I loved this birthday present!!  Sam sent me 25 match box cars to give to the children of Jamaica - plus some other small toys - I've divided them among the senior couples so we can all bring some joy into the lives of these beautiful kids. ... thanks so much Sam!!

YW Camp Spanish Town District

This is our YW Camp for the Spanish Town District - notice the tents in the background ... all from the emergency container the Humanitarian couple brought to the island....yay for camp!!

Office Elders

We found some old office signs and here are Elder Ferrin and Elder Gilson holding theirs!  they took the President one home to their apartment!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Elder and Sister Evans at the Office

 Sister Evans learning how to run the mission - and doing well!
 Elder and Sister Evans - wonderful new office couple from Arizona - we are so grateful they are willing to serve in the mission office ... this is their 5th mission - two at home and then Tonga, West Indies and Jamaica.