Monday, March 26, 2012

Braille Book of Mormon

The Office Elders were looking for something in the storeroom and found this Book of Mormon in Braille. It was all these binders and big pages... I am so amazed at people with blindness who can 'read' with their fingers! George Albert Smith was the prophet who had this printed for the blind to read.

Office Couple

This is the front desk at the mission office - next is the finance office down the hall - and the new good looking finance secretary! Here are the Daniels and the Smiths who hope they can 'carry on' what the Daniels have organized and put into place.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Sunday in Junction

After Church today the branch members surprised us with a farewell party!! They had brought chicken, rice and peas, pumpkin rice, salad and cucumbers for all to share...and they all come to church by taxi! the sister missionaries went out gathering food yesterday and today from the members that live way far away - we had 57 at church. It was great. The new branch president is a young missionary - Jamaican native - Elder Mcleod...really great young man. His companion Elder Romney is from Spokane WA - he's good also. They will do well here - a lot of the members know his family from Mandeville and he was raised in the church. His older brother is in the district presidency and his mother is the district Primary President. They members gave us a plaque - a van full of fun Jamaican's - reminded us of our old Green Bean Machine with all 12 of us in it. We are glad some more family are coming to visit so we can come back to Junction and share some more moments with these wonderful people.

Primary in Junction

We had a great day at Primary today...nine is the largest we have ever been ..and today we had 18! most non members - but several said they wanted to come back, hopefully they will. Here is the whole Primary today, with Sister Powell, Sister Ellington and Sister Smith - all Jamaican Primary leaders. We made paper windmills to show the power of the wind ...and contrast that with the power of the Priesthood. The children love playing with the pipe cleaners - Fuzzy Sticks - here are some eye glasses this young man made with them. We had six children in our Junior Primary - we usually have two!! Sister Powell does a great job of reading the lesson from the Nursery Manual and then helping the kids color a page about the lesson. Loved having that many and hope and pray they will continue to come to learn about the gospel and worship their Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fairbanks at the Airport

Here we are at the airport in Montego Bay Saturday morning - saying a fond farewell to the Fairbanks - it was great having them. Now to pack and clean our Junction Apartment, get released as the Branch President (Sunday) and move to Kingston on Monday. We think we can get all our 'stuff' in the SUV - since we are leaving most of it for the new couple to come in May and live here. The sisters will move over to our apt. for a few weeks - elders will move into theirs - well - the missionaries apt. Lots of changes and need for faith and obedience!!

Friday Night Activity III

We went to the Ochie Branch Friday Night Activity - and just about no one else did! They had Institute Class earlier and some people left after that - Shawn Jones and Jody-Ann came back and we had a short good visit. Jody learned keyboard from Sister Russell and is playing well - Olivia wanted to learn also!!

Cheeseburger in Paradise

We visited Island Village in Ocho Rios - lots of good shopping and Jimmy Buffet's Margariteville!! Nice looking sharks don't you think? Olivia liked the small deck chairs - like Eli and Isaac and Keenyn did!!

Mission Office with Fairbanks

We visited the mission office on Friday, one of Dan's professors at USU is friends with Patrick Medley - of our mission office staff! Dan's prof. did some research and lived here for a while - hope Dan gets points for this picture! Sister Medley just happened to be visiting the office also. Here is Sister Daniels with Sadie - Sis. Daniels just had a new grandson last week also - Sister Miller was also around so we included her in the picture.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Junction Guest House

It was fun to swim at the Junction Guest House - where the Fairbanks are staying tonight. We also visited at the Ellington home - that is where we were building Sister Ellington's chicken coop when I got a phone call that Sadie Ann had been born ... so we thought we would take a picture with her there. Grandchildren are the best!

Happy Anniversary Fairbanks

Four years ago, March 14, Lindsey and Dan got married in the Salt Lake they are at Treasure Beach - with two beautiful daughters! Rose Cottage where they stayed and happy grandparents getting to share Jamaica with Olivia and Sadie. Everyone they meet are amazed at how smart Olivia is and how sweet Sadie is! We are having fun showing them around - Ocho Rios tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Treasure Beach with the Fairbanks

Here is a pretty sunset behind Olivia 'dancing' on a wooden stage. Dan made a great sand castle - so did Grandma and Olivia and Sadie! Olivia loved playing in the water and sand - here she is at the front door of the beach house - same one the Kroeber's had in January...we are sure having fun wish you could all join us!

Olive and Olivia

We visited some of our friends in Junction today...this pretty lady owns the local computer store and her name is Olivia also! Had to have a picture of the two Olivia's! this dear older lady is a close neighbor - her name is Olive and she is a sweet friend - I call her my Jamaican Momma! and she says I am her daughter!! It was fun to introduce Lindsey and Dan and girls to our friends here.


At YS Falls trading post they have a hummingbird feeder and Elder Smith got several great pictures of Dr. Birds - the long tailed hummingbird found only in Jamaica. Dan and Lindsey did the Canopy tour zip line and had a great time! Gotta love vacations in Jamaica!!