Sunday, March 18, 2012

Primary in Junction

We had a great day at Primary today...nine is the largest we have ever been ..and today we had 18! most non members - but several said they wanted to come back, hopefully they will. Here is the whole Primary today, with Sister Powell, Sister Ellington and Sister Smith - all Jamaican Primary leaders. We made paper windmills to show the power of the wind ...and contrast that with the power of the Priesthood. The children love playing with the pipe cleaners - Fuzzy Sticks - here are some eye glasses this young man made with them. We had six children in our Junior Primary - we usually have two!! Sister Powell does a great job of reading the lesson from the Nursery Manual and then helping the kids color a page about the lesson. Loved having that many and hope and pray they will continue to come to learn about the gospel and worship their Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

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