Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We can be reached at ...

Our current address is:  790 Crestview Avenue, Provo, Utah  84604  phone: Elder Smith 227-4630, Sister Smith - 227-9932 - email:  shs10dss@gmail.com - please stay in touch!  We may be reporting our mission in the Edgemont 4th Ward after General Conference - middle of October??  would love to have guests come and eat lunch at our daughter's house after church - I'll post on this the time, place, etc.

Report Talks in California

This is the Granada Hills Stake Center ... we reported our mission are were released on September 9th.  Lots of great people in this stake and we will miss our good friends from Southern California as we have now relocated to Provo, Utah - at least for the time being.  Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend in CA.


 At the Norman Manley International Airport, early morning Sept. 4th - we loved this sign: Jamaica - A Nation on a Mission!!!  We were just leaving after 23 months of our LDS Mission here in this beautiful island.
This is the wonderful sight we received at the end of the walkway in the Salt Lake City International Airport! Lots of kids and grand kids dressed in Jamaica Shirts with two great signs and lots of love and hugs!  Also Sister Pat Aptgood who served in Jamaica with us ... loved our homecoming.  We will have to start another blog with this title now outdated!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Elder and Sister Wright

After Church meetings in Junction, Elder and Sister Wright invited us and the Missionaries to dinner.  Great dinner of taco salads, watermelon and ice cream for dessert!  We sure love the Wrights - and Elder McLeod and Elder Shurtleff are happy to live just down the parking lot ... lots of great dinners!!

Marcus and Paul

 Three really great young men, Marcus, Romain and Neil - all baptized since we left Junction - all active!
 Ritchie was baptized while we were there and has stayed faithful ... great growth in the branch.
We took a quick trip to Ocho Rios after leaving Junction, here is our good friend Paul Lester and his son Peter... They are doing well also - working on their house and yard - love them so much!

Last Sunday in Junction

 Our last Sunday in Jamaica we visited Junction Branch ... here is the Primary - love these kids!  And Sister Ellington is the Primary President now and taught a great lesson.
 After the lesson we made creatures out of these 'fuzzy sticks' - no longer called pipe cleaners!
 After the fun fuzzy sticks we frosted and sprinkled graham crackers - so easy and good!
We stopped in Mandeville on our way to Junction and gave mail to Elder Brockbank and Elder Gray.