Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sister Stanford

This is a 'coal' pit - making charcoal - up in the jungle. This road is the way to Sister Stanford's (love that name!) she lives way up in the 'bush' - when we got to her place - she was out in the front yard washing her dishes in a pan. Sweet, old and not able to come to church lady - loved visiting her.

More Dr. Suess Flowers

I may have blogged some of these before but it never hurts to see them twice! Three of the Horton Elephant flowers - and more strange ones!

Dr. Suess Flowers

These flowers totally made be think of Dr. Suess and his drawings! The white puff ball one is Horton the Elephants WHO VILLE !! Love Dr. Suess and he must have come to Jamaica to get inspiration for his flowers!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jesus the Christ

It has been wonderful these last 5-6 months to read the scriptures more and other Church books - I have started Jesus the Christ before and never gotten very far. It is different being a missionary - ALL the gospel reading I am doing means so much more - not that I didn't always enjoy it - but I am living it more now...instead of changing diapers and wiping noses - which I loved doing by the way! I want to share some of the great knowledge I have acquired lately. When Joseph Smith published the Book of Mormon to the world in 1830 - one of the main criticisms from the Christian 'world' said that the Bible was all we needed and there should be no other 'books' added to it. James E. Talmage notes on page 119 - 19 instances in the KJV of the Bible - 'missing scriptures' - whole books noted but not found. Book of the Covenant - Ex. 24:7, Book of the Wars of the Lord, Num 21:14, Book of Jasher, Josh 10:13 and so on for 16 more! I just thought that was interesting - and urge all to read the Book of Mormon, ask Heavenly Father if it is true and get your own answer from Him.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Jamaican Life

It is funny still to me, to see all these goats eating along side of the roads! I saw this meat package at the market and wondered what it was - getting closer I saw that it was Pig Skin - what do you do with it? Here is a sugar cane truck loaded and heading to the refinery. Here is a liquor store named Rehab - I guess you can 'go to rehab' in a different way!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bugs of Jamaica

Along with beautiful flowers - Jamaica has ugly bugs! Here is one of the biggest cockroaches we have killed in our house - not the biggest by about 1/2 inch or so! also outside of our building we found this dead Forty-Legger - really ugly and bites, we are told. Elder Smith put his pen down by it so you could see how big it is.

More Jamaican flowers

There is no end to the beautiful flowers here!! Just a few more for you to enjoy. the yellow stringey stuff looks like the silly stuff that you shoot out of a can - it grows all over a plant, is bright yellow/gold, then dies and is brown and falls off. Don't know what it is - I would love a book about the biology of this pretty island.

Senior Couples FHE

Here is the whole group of Senior Couples that attended the Family Home Evening at the Mission Home of Pres. and Sister Hendricks, Monday, May 16th. We had a great time - the couple in front are the Whiteheads from Clifton, ID. They just got here so we are no longer the 'rookies' - they are! They served another mission in the West Indies - same as the Leavitts. Sure love all these wonderful people.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shawn's baptism

Shawn Jones was baptized on Sunday, May 15th - the anniversary of the Aaronic Priesthood being restored! He has been investigating since we got here last October. He will be a good addition to the branch - yeah for another soul joining the Lord's true Church.

Shawn's Baptism

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Belongings

The Russells left us several of their mission things - our favorite is the mission washer! A plummer came and knocked a hole in our kitchen wall to plump the washer in - and it works! Dad has gotten a tool box from Elder Russell and it had a power drill but the man used a hammer and tire iron thing and it did the job! The spice shelf and most of the spices were also a gift from the Russells - and they explained that we leave this 'stuff' to the next couple to serve after us - kind of the law of consecration, right?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Elder and Sister Russell leave for home

Elder and Sister Russell left for Utah this week...we will sure miss them. Here they are getting into their car and pulling out of the apartment complex on their way to Kingston. Safe travel, dear friends and see you in a year and a half!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Elder and Sister Russell's Farewell Party

Here is a picture of the Pool Party saying Farewell to the Russells. It was lots of fun and people came from the other branches they have been helping. Here is Elder Smith getting 'wet feet' - that's as far in as he would go!! Sister Russell and I went swimming - and Jody-Ann and I made food for everyone! We will really miss them.