Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jesus the Christ

It has been wonderful these last 5-6 months to read the scriptures more and other Church books - I have started Jesus the Christ before and never gotten very far. It is different being a missionary - ALL the gospel reading I am doing means so much more - not that I didn't always enjoy it - but I am living it more now...instead of changing diapers and wiping noses - which I loved doing by the way! I want to share some of the great knowledge I have acquired lately. When Joseph Smith published the Book of Mormon to the world in 1830 - one of the main criticisms from the Christian 'world' said that the Bible was all we needed and there should be no other 'books' added to it. James E. Talmage notes on page 119 - 19 instances in the KJV of the Bible - 'missing scriptures' - whole books noted but not found. Book of the Covenant - Ex. 24:7, Book of the Wars of the Lord, Num 21:14, Book of Jasher, Josh 10:13 and so on for 16 more! I just thought that was interesting - and urge all to read the Book of Mormon, ask Heavenly Father if it is true and get your own answer from Him.

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  1. Thanks for this post mom. I have just recommitted to reading the Book of Mormon every day. I have been so focused on NT that I wasn't consistently reading it. My life is different when I do in lots of good ways. I have so enjoyed reading more of Jesus the Christ this year too. I still haven't read the whole thing! Love ya