Monday, June 27, 2011

Kerri Richmond

This lovely lady is Kerri Richmond - she was baptized in January. She enrolled in a Health Sciences course for youth service here in Jamaica. She was really shy before - the missionaries would ask her a question and she would write her answer on a piece of paper and slide it toward them across the table! I am so proud of her now - she finished the course and even earned a special award: The Most Discipline Female!! Isn't that a happy smile? I love her! She will work as a Health Educator in a small town high in the bush - Hamilton Mountain.

Westwood School

This cute young lady goes to a school out of Brownstown called Westwood. It is an interesting place - it is an all girls boarding school. All the students live on campus for high school. They are the only school that wears these cute straw hats. We have a member that went there and you need very good grades to get in. They are allowed to leave school for holidays and one weekend a month. They don't have a Graduation - their feeling is that you only 'graduate' from college - so they have a "leaving school" and "Prize winning" ceremonies at the end of high school. It is really old English - they wear white dresses at their - leaving school ceremony. It is neat to learn about customs of others.

Missionary Apron

When we stayed overnight with Elder and Sister Daniels in Kingston we noticed this darling apron that she had made for their son's mission many years ago! He gave it back to his Dad for their mission! So cute and so simple - wanted to share it. We love the Daniels - they work so hard in the office 8-6 or so and then he is the Branch President in a small branch like ours - Yallahs.

Frog in the kitchen

So I went to fix dinner the other day and a tiny frog was on the wall next to the sink! How did it get in??? We don't know!! The wall tiles are 4 inches by 4 inches so you can see how tiny it was - we placed a cup over it, than a paper over the cup and took it outside. The big toad was dead in the road when we were walking the other day - it is huge!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tender Mercies

We had a great Sunday Father's Day! The Mission has a new senior couple - the Smiths from Michigan, USA. He is a Stake Patriarch and Pres. Hendricks has permission for him to give Patriarchal Blessings while he is here! What a great blessing for the Jamaican Saints - a blessing mostly reserved for those living in Stakes of the Church. We are all very excited and happy about it! Pictures of the Father's Day Cakes that Sister Alexander baked for all to celebrate.

Tender Mercies

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jamaican Police

Here is an afternoon's Police work in Jamaica! The shotgun toting guard with the armored truck at the local department store ... the emergency number 119 ... and a whole Police truckload of weed!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flames of the Forest

These flowers are at the top of tall trees, they are called Flames of the Forest - they are huge, and fall down onto the ground were we walk.

Breadfruit Tree

We walk in front of this Breadfruit tree each morning - and I think it is pretty strange - whole view of the big tree, closer on one branch and then a couple of close ups of the fruit. We have eaten it and it is kind of bland - people tell us that we need to fry it and spice it up and then it tastes good!

Elder Fangalua leaving

Here is Elder Johnson and Elder Fangalua, holding his farewell cake - says: Best of cupcake cones that worked! I made them for Primary on Sunday to celebrate a child's birthday.

interesting seeds

These are two of the strange seeds we have seen lately on our exercise walks. The green ones are strange and the red ones pop out from the seed pod when it twists open. We thought they were interesting and wanted to share.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Table Manners Activity

We had a great Branch Activity last night - the YW and YM had a Table Manners Dinner. Sister Cassana Bridgemohan who just graduated from BYU-Idaho, taught them about proper eating and cutting meat, etc. It was really fun...the elders got the food and Elder Smith and I prepared it. Nice to see them learning manners!