Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Elder Smith and I walk about 2 klm every morning that we can - not in pouring rain! We have made some nice friends along our way. This week one lady who we have said Hello to often, and told her that her flowers were very pretty - she was waiting for us as we walked by and asked us to come in her yard and see something. She showed us her beautiful orchids - her name is Elaine - we have never seen bigger ones! We also took pictures of her poinsettias and bogan via (sp) - so many pretty flowers here.
We also walk by an onion field and the lady that farms it - Donna - is lots of fun - calls me 'honey' - I have purchased green onions - called scallions here - from her before. Today I needed just one stalk and they were out at the store and all the street vendors that I could get to ... so I asked her for one and she gave it to me. We had the camera to take pictures of Elaine's flowers so Elder Smith took a picture of Donna and me.

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