Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hopeton Branch Funeral

On Saturday we drove one of our young ladies to the Hopeton Branch to be interviewed by Pres. Hendricks for her Patr. blessing recommend. Pres. was coming to Hopeton to speak at a funeral .. an elderly member - Frank McCloud. Pres. brought one of the Jamaican elders serving in Spanish Town - it was his great uncle who died. Elder McCloud is very tall - here is Abigail with him and his cousin, Abbey at the baptismal font - she was baptized there, Elder McCloud with his mom and sister, and the casket - with missionaries helping get it out and into the church building. Sister Allen in our branch, is a great Aunt also of Elder McCloud and we took pictures to show her - she is 91 and couldn't go to the funeral.

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