Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bro. Tillock's Chicken Coop

On Tuesday we tried to build Bro. Tillock's chicken coop. The only members able to come were the 4 missionaries and the Powells, Bro. Gayle. The sisters were there for about an hour, and we got the walls up - there was some prelimenary work with the foundation that took us over an hour - then we didn't think we had enough 2 by 4's so we figured out something to make up for not having enough ... then Elder Whitehead and Elder Flake came with three members from Kingston who have built several coops and they jumped right in and corrected some of our mistakes - love them! Our builder in the branch was working somewhere else so we really missed him! He will be able to come on Thursday so we will wait until then to finish...sure is nice when someone knows what they are doing!!

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