Sunday, December 11, 2011

Church in December

I love Church even more in the month of December ... we had a great Sacrament meeting - one speaker didn't come and Elder Gayle, Second C. in the Branch Pres. - who is learning to read better - was conducting. He got up and preached a 35 minute sermon without notes! Really he did marvelous - told Elder Smith later that ideas just kept coming into his head...I sure loved it. We talked about worship in Primary and it consists of Pray, Sing, Listen and Sacrament - all things we do every Sunday but they seem to have more meaning the month that the world celebrates the birth of our Savior. We need to truly worship and keep the commandments and treat others like Jesus would have us do. Our RS President went to Florida for three weeks - staying with a daughter and going to the temple for the first time - we are happy for her. She asked me to 'help out' in RS the three weeks she was gone - so I asked one of the sister missionaries to do Primary the last hour - then I got to RS my name was on the board to teach the lesson!! that's 'helping out' I guess. Good thing I had just taught Primary and it fit okay for the sisters also... love how that happens. Enjoy the rest of the Sabbath Day and know much love and prayers are coming your way from Jamaica.

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