Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alligator Pond - ocean

Today we drove to Alligator Pond, a small city right on the beach below Junction. One of our members sells clothes there on Weds. and Saturdays - and lots of other people sell fish, vegetables, shoes, lots of things! We like to go and see if we can purchase any thing from our members so they can buy food. Actually she has a cousin that fishes and when they don't sell anything her cousin gives them a fish to take home for dinner. There was lots of wind today - see the sea birds just gliding along - and Elder Smith's hair blowing! This 9/10 year old had made a toy from a bucket lid and a flexible stick like vine thing - one picture is close up and one further away. He would run with it and then make it go sideways and it would flip up sand! pretty fun we thought! The other boy wanted me to take his picture on the pile of fishing nets - so I did!

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