Monday, November 29, 2010

Sonja came to Church!

Yesterday was the Primary Program and our 6th Sunday in Ocho Rios. I had eight parts - pictures and scriptures for the children - but only three came, well four, but the 3 year old just cried and sat on her Mother's lap! One of the young boys got there early and was all alone - so I sat by him and asked his name - Devon Harris - I recognized it from the official rolls (several of the children aren't baptized and their names don't appear on the roll). Then I asked him if his mother and father were coming - he said: I don't have a mother. (Made me sad) - then I asked him how he got to Church and he said he walked! Found out later it is about 1 1/2 miles to his house on the outskirts of town!! What a sweetie - and he did several of the parts of the program for me. It turned out okay I guess - one nine year old girl was at the branch activity Friday evening and told me her memorized part several times - then didn't come on Sunday. The children are dependent on their parents to help get them there. But the best news of Sunday was Sonja came!! On Friday when we found her house and had a nice meeting - she mentioned that she wanted to come to church - like about 100 other Jamaicans have and NO ONE has ever shown up! But she did!! We have an appointment with the young elders to go to her house Tuesday at 2:00pm. Yeah! She is a really special person already and said she enjoyed all three hours of Church. One of the members came into Primary to help out and so I went to RS to sit by Sonja and help her understand what was going on. Even if she doesn't want to learn more about the church, I feel like I have a new friend and will continue to see her while I'm here.

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  1. Perfect missionary post Mom!! You are doing AMAZING work!!