Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baptism in the ocean

Today was our first experience of having a baptism in the beautiful ocean. Marie Hetley, a 12 year old, in the Highgate Branch - was baptized by Elder Conder - from Lehi, Utah who has been on his mission 2 weeks! It was a beautiful day and she was so cute - her mother was very proud of her. She is a single mom with Maria and then a 6 year old son. The Russells car broke down so we took him with the baptismal clothes the 60 km to Highgate. Neat experience - she was a typical 12 year old and started swimming after she was baptized! I got to give her a towel as she came back to the beach. She will be confirmed tomorrow in Church - isn't she beautiful?

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  1. Hello Harold and Dianne,

    We just found your mission blog and LOVE it! Wow! The pictures you've posted are beautiful of the area, and you look so HAPPY! Just seeing your faces makes me smile! Keep up the good work!

    Stacey and David