Sunday, November 21, 2010

Service Project

On Saturday morning we had a branch service project at our RS Pres. house. She needed her yard 'chopped' - most don't have lawn mowers and the grass and weeds and bushes are so thick I don't think a mower would work. You take big machette knives and swing them to chop the green stuff down. Here are the young elders heading up the path to Sister Henry's house - right into the jungle! The man is Bro. Grant - 1st Counselor in the branch presidency - only counselor in the BP! He joined the church in Canada - Toronto - and has his endowments - pretty special for around here. Here are Elder Smith and Sister Smith with the long machettes - it was fun and tiring! The whole yard was in need of the trimming - and I asked our Elders Quorum President when it would need it again - he said in three weeks if it rains a lot. Sister Henry's roof needed patching also - it had been leaking and it rains so often here that is a real problem! The roof was tin and the men melted some tar and patched it - pretty neat. She has a daughter going to BYU - Idaho - this is her fourth year. She is going to do her student teaching in Las Vegas!! warmer than Rexburg. Then if she gets a job in Jamaica she doesn't pay back her scholarship - if she works in the states she has to pay it back. Glad the church helps these students get a college degree.

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  1. I love the multi colored plant in the background! I am pretty sure that is what we buy in the states as houseplants. Cool to learn to use a machete! It sounds like you will have lots of time to perfect you skills. xo