Friday, November 12, 2010

Fort Ocho Rios

We walked down the street from our complex driveway to investigate these four cannon that we have seen from the is Fort Ocho Rios, or what is left of it. Google it! Built to protect the harbor over 300 years ago - two of the guns are the original and two others brought from Maumee Bay - just up the coast from us. Walking back we began talking to a young man going to work at one of the beach hotels, Adrain. He asked us some very good questions and said he wanted to come to church - this Sunday! He has a girlfriend and a nine month old daughter - Breenan. Sure hope he comes! We can't go anywhere it seems, without a gospel discussion and invitations! love missionary work!


  1. We have enjoyed following your adventures. Everyone's mission is so different. We love seeing your pictures and all of the missionary opportunities that you have.
    Elder and Sister Elkins
    Military Relations, Fort Eustis, Virginia

  2. Chris saw the pictures of cannons and asked "How much will it cost for us to go to Jamaica?" The beach and waterfalls didn't interest him but the cannons, those will get him there.