Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saw Sonja!

Friday was a good missionary morning. Remember Sonja, the lady who saw the name of the Church on the door and came in to talk to us? We have called her three weeks in a row now and she has not be available for us to go see her. She had to work in Kingston, she was sick, she wasn't at home... She did say: I not forget you!" so we took that as she was still interested just really didn't have the time at the moment. We called her yesterday and she answered and said - sure, come on over and gave us directions to her house. We found it and had a nice conversation with her and a male friend. I told her I hoped we weren't being too pushy and she said she hoped we didn't think she was putting us off! Yeah - they want us to come back and talk some more. Usually when there is a man in the house when we come they leave - Mr. Geddes just stayed and asked some great questions and we felt really good talking to them hope they will listen and learn and then make up their own minds.

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