Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Up in the Mountains

Today we headed to the west of town to find some members. We first went to Runaway Bay and spoke with Sister White - she just moved from Mandeville and knew Elder and Sister Strieble (Ted's parents - Stefan's best friend) - small world. She is now a member of our branch and has come two Sundays in a row..even offered to teach the gospel doctrine class this week - she lived in the Cayman Islands before living in Mandeville. We couldn't find the Brown's - actually we found the store they own but the manager said he didn't know them - Dad thinks it was him!! oh well - some want to stay 'lost'! Then we drove to Browntown - up a high mountain - ALL the way up! and quite a bit town all the way up there - even had a community college...crazy narrow mountain road. Elder Smith is doing well to navigate these roads - course the new truck helps also. I taught Seminary tonight to 2 YW - really neat girls. One walks to church and the other one has about a 10 minute Taxi ride. We have our first Zone Conference tomorrow - don't know quite what to expect - but it will be good to have the Mission Pres. here.
Elder Smith tried again at the bank to get the signature cards changed - now they say he has to have a personal account there! What? we are going to ask the MP tomorrow. All in all a good day.

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  1. Sounds like you are jumping in!! Good luck with the Browns, they might come around. I am proud of Dad for tackling the roads. I love you!!