Monday, October 25, 2010

Swimming in the Ocean

For FHE tonight we went swimming in the ocean! - it is warm and clear! We found out some prices for recreation - scuba $60, snorkeling 30, jet ski 1/2 hr. 70 and whole hour 120.00 they have a glass bottom boat ride but we don't remember the cost. I took a picture of our apt. complex from the beach - and a picture in the store of the chicken feet that they make soup out of - it's not back - they soften when cooked. Also another postcard to let you see the hills we climb when we go into the bush to find members...two cruise ships are in port in this photo.


  1. I think you officially have the coolest mission ever!!! (Not temperature wise I guess) At least as a couple, I can't wait to serve as a couple missionary! The Elders stopped by our house tonight and after seeing our wedding picture in front of the SL Temple they said, "So your members then, right?" It was funny, but I'm sure they run into all sorts of things!

  2. How fun. We drove past the MTC today and Isaac said "That's where Grandma and Grandpa are." He remembered that you weren't there anymore after I reminded him.

  3. I love that you can enjoy Jamaica along with being a missionary. My kids think the chicken legs are "disgusting" but most of them won't even do chicken nuggets, go figure. We love you!!!!