Monday, October 4, 2010

Arriving at the MTC

Monday, October 4th, Heather and Isaac and Keenyn brought us to the MTC - about 2 miles away! We have had a great day - about 25 new Senior Couples going to Beirut Lebonon sp. Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Peru, Columbia and Bolivia are the ones we remembered - oh and in the states, Seattle, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan - it is so neat! Our District Leader is Bro. Chatterly from Simi Valley, CA - his wife taught school with Gail Teague!! small world! We had a great family weekend - thanks Jennie for coming all the way from North Carolina. We hiked on Friday, got set apart on Saturday, watched General Conference on Sat. and Sunday. Around 4:00 PM on Sunday, Isaac (3 years old) said: "Hey - we forgot church today!" what a funny kid. It was wonderful to spend time with all the family that we could and the others all called to tell us goodbye. Stay tuned for more - we have to do our homework now - read two chapters of Preach My Gospel - learning about the book and how to teach it effectively. Full 8 hours of classes tomorrow - with breaks for drinks and restroom visits. love and hugs to all -Elder and Sister Smith


  1. Yeah Mom and Dad!!! Sounds like a fun, full day and week!!! Love you! -Lindsey on Dan's account

  2. WOOHOO!!! Dad and Mom, we are so proud of you!! Your smiles are wonderful!!