Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Front Office Foyer

This is the front office foyer of the MTC - are you getting tired of pictures of Elder and Sister Smith yet? We are learning how to be effective teachers of the gospel to our Heavenly FAther's children in Jamaica - and the whole world. We taught to an 'investigator' today and it went rather well. Thanks for your e-mails keep it up! love always, Dianne


  1. Tender mercy that we got to see you tonight!!! I love you!!

  2. Are you kidding mom? We will never get tired of seeing pictures of you! Keep 'em coming!!! Love you!

  3. Hi Mom and Dad!
    I just got on for the first time. I didn't realize you had been posting all week! Yeah for being missionaries! I LOVE all the pictures. There is no way you could post too many. We love you and are praying for you! Have a great MTC day! Jen