Sunday, October 17, 2010

Branch President Smith

Today Elder Smith was made the Branch President of the Ocho Rios branch! We knew it was going to happen because our Mission President told us - but no one else did. Harold will do a great job and the members here are very supportive... after Church we had our first baptism - Paul Lester. He has been studying with the missionaries a couple of months - and is the greatest convert - just wants to do everything right. He asked Elder Smith to baptize him and so he did! love to all, the Smiths
Elder Smith said I shouldn't have taken the picture of the ordinance - I KNOW we don't do that and I took the picture just as he was raising his hand - please note that! and I won't do even that again. The Branch President asked me to speak on Obedience in church Sunday!

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  1. The pictures are wonderful!! Dad looks so happy and what a beautiful place to be baptized!!