Friday, October 15, 2010

into the bush

WOW - last night we went into the 'bush' with the young elders. Just about dirt climbing into the hills around town - up muddy roads, walking down muddy trails, hiking around a cinder block fence, etc. Couldn't imagine the number of shacks there were up there - a whole city of them. We helped teach an investigator - young women, 17-19 years old. She was so sweet and accepted the gospel very readily - when we taught her about dressing modestly she said: I need to get different clothes - to cover up. Wow - it felt really good to actually do missionary work. There are some changes coming in our Branch Presidency this Sunday and then we will have more to do! love to all, Elder and Sister Smith
PS - if the Mormon missionaries knock on your door - let them in and listen to them!!

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  1. Wow, sounds pretty different and exciting. Glad you got there OK. Elder & Sister Elkins