Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brother James

This is Brother James - he says he is 99 years old - the church records say 97 - but what does it matter? He goes out on the ocean on calm days to fish for his dinner -then sells any extra to other church members. Here he is coming in for lunch - the member lady next door helps to take care of him. Her 7-8 year old daughter went out in the water to help get the boat in, her 9-10 year old son just stood and asked if I would take his picture - I did and then deleted it! Sister Russell took this picture - his fly is not down - it is broken! Here are the fish -all different kinds - red polkadot, blue stripped, etc. He said he would eat them. This is his house - pretty simple, huh? The green house behind his is the family that helps him. He is very strong in the church and the second Jamaican house I have been in that had a bookcase full of books!! Loved meeting him and sharing in his strong spirit.

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