Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Banana Boats

Here are pictures of our Senior Missionary river rafting trip. The embarking point - bamboo banana boats - each 'captain' called out your name and then you got on...with your companion! The boats last about 5 months our guide said - then the bamboo gets water logged and they build a new one. The river was beautiful and a slow ride - these are the bet 'rapids' - not quite the Salmon, huh? At the end of the float we went under this bridge and there was the ocean! It was lots of fun to be with the other couples and Mission Pres. and wife.


  1. I love that your guide told you all about the flora and fauna. I always want to know what all the plants are. Fun!

  2. The boats remind me of rafts we would try to build as kiddos. Looks like a really fun trip!