Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Clause

Here is proof that Santa does indeed come to Jamaica! The same plaza that Santa was in we found a member of the branch - he has a donkey and parrot - and gets money from getting his picture taken with them - Elder Smith is holding the parrot. We see this dog all the time at a certain place we pass often - I thought at first it was dead - because it looked like this on the side of the road - then next time we drove by it was in a different place - and so now we call it Dead Dog! Here is a picture from a calender we got at the bank this morning - it is the long tailed hummingbird called the Dr. Bird - we have had a couple at our bird feeder.

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  1. We somehow missed this post! The kids love the pic with Dad and the parrot!!!! I just told Grace that if she lived in Jamaica should could have a pet burro! xo