Tuesday, December 21, 2010

more Jamaican Life

More random events from the island - I saw this package of Local Cow Skin - and thought I would share with you - I don't know what they do with it!! I'll ask someone. Then the good Dr. Crooks, I thought you might get a laugh - people here don't have much of an American sense of humor - so Elder Smith and I have to not joke with them the way we would in the USA. Isn't this a beautiful poinsetta bush - huge and pretty! and last is Elder Smith at the most inefficient store we have ever been in. It is a store in town - they have really good prices on toys right now and we needed some for our branch holiday party. You find what you want - write down the number and take it to a window - they check the price and see if it is in stock - then hand you back your paper and you go to the back of the store to a cashiers window to pay for it - waiting in line, of course. THEN after you pay for it you take your paper stamped paid and wait in another line to pick it up!!!


  1. I don't know if all of that waiting is worth saving a few cents on the toys!! You are more patient than me!!!

  2. sounds crazy! I love the poinsettias! cow skin...ugh! seeing the price is still funny to me too! xo