Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

We had been told that Sunday, Dec. 26 - Boxing Day - there would be almost no one at church - some years they didn't even hold church when the 26th was Boxing Day - a national holiday. Of course, our Mission Pres. said - all three meetings and we agreed...we had the most people in the three months we have been here! over 60 - we had to bring more chairs down from the upstairs rooms. There were two cruise ships in dock and about 14 members of a Provo family came - we had Aaronic Priesthood to bless AND pass the Sacrament!! They even sang a special musical number - beautifully - thanks Sheets family!! Primary we had 18 - only one visitor. Somehow Christmas brings out the members - we had been told that! yeah - now for the branch party on Wednesday and hopefully as many coming on Sunday to start the new year! Next picture is our apartment Sunday Dinner - and the kind of sad cake I made for our dessert - - recipe called for cool whip - not found in Jamaica - us I used dream whip - the powder kind - didn't work as well as you can see!! tasted good..and it all got eaten!

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