Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sydney's Graduation

We had a great time watching Sydney's graduation from Wenatchee High School from Kingston Jamaica!! Here is Nina with the other foreign exchange students, plus getting her certificate - sorry about the pole in the way! We watched from 10 - 12 midnight and enjoyed being a tiny part of the celebrations. I think we found Sydney walking in with three friends, one is taller and has red hair - Allison? any way - I liked how there were four together and they were ALL GRINNING!! The talks were good - the band okay - the song nice - the throwing of the hats was perfect! Was there fireworks? It sounded like it on the audio but we didn't see any - these kids will make their own FIREWORKS!

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  1. I forgot to say that I 'tuned in' for the graduation at 8:00 - knowing it would be two hours before it actually started but I wanted to work out any 'bugs' before hand. I was glad I did, I got to see videos of WHS from the whole year - football games, assemblies, Sydney running Cross Country, volleyball, just shots of campus, teachers, etc. One of the videos showed a popcorn machine - filling bags of popcorn - so I made us some to eat while we watched. That is the big white bowl on the desk in the first picture!! Loved seeing the students, teenagers are so much fun - and frustrating at the same time. The teachers seem to really care about their students and that is wonderful!!