Sunday, June 17, 2012

South Africa Net Ball Team

The former office couple would purchase a newspaper from a street seller each Friday on their way to the office. We come down the same street and he asked us a week ago where his other friends were? We told them they went home to Arizona. He is really nice and not pushy so we decided to get a paper each Friday also - they are only 50 dollars - about 50 cents. So we got our first one this Friday and it had this article about the South African Net Ball women's team coming to Jamaica for a three game series. It was interesting to read - Jamaica Sunshine Girls are ranked 4th in the world, and South Africa is ranked 6th - I'm not sure there are 10 teams in the world, but whatever! So at the end of our long trip around the end of the island we stopped at a Grocery store for supplies for Sunday and in the parking lot was a broken down small bus and several blond girls sitting on the curb...we noticed that it said South Africa on the back of their tank tops - so I wanted to talk to them. Elder Smith went into the store but I went over and it was the South Africa Girls Net Ball team - I asked if I could take their picture and they all agreed and jumped up - then one said I needed to be in the picture also and I said I will look too old and short! Aren't they cute? They had lost the Friday game to Jamaica by 15 shots, and they play again today and then on Tuesday - i told them to win Sunday to make the third game more exciting!!


  1. My name is Mike Gonzales. My wife, 3 year old and I will be traveling to Runaway Bay, Jamaica in July for vacation. We are also LDS. We want to know where the nearest chapel is from Runaway Bay. Also, what places do you recommend seeing or recommend doing in Jamaica? Thanks for your time, it looks like you are having a great time on your mission. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello Gonzales family - the only branch of the church in St. Ann's Parrish (county) is in Ocho Rios. church starts at 10 - goes to 1:00 - the church is in the middle of town - upstairs from General Food Store. We will be there on July 1st with a daughter's family who are coming to see us. The best things we have done are on the south side of the island and you will be on the north side. The green grotto caves are interesting, Christopher Columbus Discovery Park, dolphin cove, and dunn's river falls on the north side. We love YS Falls, and the Black River Crocodile Safari and Treasure Beach on the south side. All of the island is beautiful and the people are friendly but want your money all the time. Enjoy!! Sister Smith

  2. Fun!! What beautiful girls in both pictures!! How did the games turn out? What is net ball?