Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sister Lynch

On Friday, June 22, one of our good friends from Ocho Rios traveled to Kingston to board a flight to Barbadoes - where her fiance lives. His mother works in the government there and has a job for her - they are planning a civil wedding in November. They left Ochie at 6:00 on a bus, Sister Lynch, her sister and niece and our Seminary Student last year -Anika Johnson. The flight left at 12:45 - and Sister Lynch wanted to be sure she had enough time. They called us from the bus and we met them at the airport - except the Jamaican Police thought Sister Lynch had swallowed drugs and wouldn't let her on the plane - they had to take her to a hospital in the city and check - she was of course, telling the truth and they let her on a plane at 5:00!! Because she flew to Barbadoes in March and back to Jamaica - when she landed that time at 11:00 in the morning they kept her all day and took her to a hospital at 8:00 that night - what gives? anyway - she called Saturday and had made it okay - what a hassle! Here is a picture of us in the airport - love and hugs to Alicia and Jason!

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