Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yallahs Church

Here we are at Church today in Yallahs - the branch enjoyed having visitors - so did we! Here is the repair job Elder Smith did on the car back window - should be able to fix it tomorrow. We stopped by the Spanish Town Church building on the way back to Kingston from Ocho Rios. We had some business with the YSA's there - while we were inside someone broke out the back window and stole our suitcases. We had just packed for overnight so for Elder Smith and I we just lost our pajama's - dirty underwear! and makeup bag full of toothbrushes, deorderant, etc....all can be replaced but I'll miss the bag my sister Sue gave me! Chris and Polly lost their overnight stuff and a backpack with a great flashlight Chris got in Kosovo, their phone chargers, phone cradle, glasses, clothes and personal grooming - Oh - Elder Smith lost his 7 year old electric razor - time to be replaced anyway. It was just annoying - several of the senior couples have been robbed - some more than once! So we feel pretty good that nothing of much value was stolen - will miss the suitcases, however!

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