Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jamaican Wedding

Saturday, April 14th we attended a wedding of two of our Single Young Adults. Tracy Meddow is from Yallahs, her husband from Portmore. We have a nice chapel in Portmore so they had their wedding there. It is a tradition in Jamaica for the bride to be very late - like two hours! Pres. Hendricks was funny - when we had waited about an hour - he would tell people coming - you are 56 minutes smarter than me. The scheduled time was 3:30 and it began at 5:00...I over heard Pres Hendricks say: "How can you be that fluent in stupid?" - not sure what he was talking about but it made me laugh. They had bright green and dark purple as colors and Elder Hitchcock in Yallas loaned his suit to her brother to wear - very kind and generous of him. The AP's heard that his suit was taken out of the mission home closet and they called to be sure he wasn't coming to the wedding! nope - just his suit was!!

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