Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green Grotto Caves

We are loving having Chris and Polly here - At the Ochie Craft Market the row that our friend Jon-Jon the wood carver is on - the lady next to him was braiding the hair of her triplette girls! Karoni, Keroni, Kesoni or something like that - darling girls. Next is Chris crawling through one of the holes in the Green Grotto cave - then Polly and all four of us with the cute hard hats.


  1. Love to see Polly and Chris with you! Why did men keep marrying Annie Palmer? Was the money hers? Now I am super interested in her story!

  2. Jen, yes the money was hers. She was one of the weatlhiest plantation owners on the island. Annie told everyone that her husbands had died of yellow fever. She had a group of slaves take the bodies to the beach and bury them there, then sh had those slaves killed to "save" everyone else from the contagious disease. She was an AWFUL woman!! she delighted in watching her slaves being beaten. She even had a balcony built on the second floor of Rose Hall that over shadowed the yard where the slaves were punished so she could watch. It is a beautiful old home but it feels evil. The slave dungeon was the worst. Annie's cruelty was the worst I have ever heard of. I have wanted to see Rose Hall since 6th grade because it is supposedly one of the most haunted places in the world. It was so fun to see a place I have wanted to see and never thought I would.