Wednesday, November 23, 2011

troubles of a missionary - dogs!

When the Humanitarian couple - the Whiteheads, came over on Tuesday - Sister Whitehead got bitten by a dog!! They like to check the places where the chicken coops are going to be built before they purchase the materials so they know how much to order..i.e. if the ground is sloping they need to buy more block so the coop can be level, things like that. So we took them out to where Sister Green wants her coop - next to her mother's house...on the way back to the truck a pack of dogs came running at us!! She just about got into the truck but one dog bit her ankle - yikes! I was running around the truck and after biting her the dogs took off back to their yard ...good thing because my door of the truck was locked and I couldn't get it open!! The trails and joys of missionary service.

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  1. Yikes! THis is scary and funny I have to admit. Both of you senior ladies running for the truck, skirts flapping...I am glad the dogs left with only a taste of blood. Love and miss you! I love the new pic on your header.