Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maranatha School for the Deaf

the Mennonite Church sponsors the Maranatha School for the Deaf, just outside of Junction. They have around 30 students and the kids board at the school during the week and go home on weekends. We were able to get them all a LDS Hum. school kit. We delivered them after 3 - spent the morning delivering chicks! and so school was out and the students had changed from their cute uniforms. But they were so happy and fun ...loved having their picture taken. I told them I would bring back copies of the pictures for them. Sure helps you to 'count your blessings' when you encounter such great people overcoming the challenges they have. A young couple from the East Coast live a the school for the church - Mom teaches and Dad is a handy-man - they have a 2 year old daughter and baby son ... good people.


  1. I had never heard of the Moravian church until we moved to nc. I respect their missionary work so much! Good people doing good things. The Moravian church was instrumental in getting slavery outlawed in all English colonies. You could say that their mission schools have changed the world. xo Love and miss you!

  2. What beautiful kids!! Yes I look at your blog and I love it - I'm just not always signed in to leave a comment, but I love seeing what you guys are up to! Keep it coming!!