Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Wow - we got a call from our wonderful Mission President and he asked us to serve in Junction, a small city on the south side of the island ... so goodbye Ocho Rios - we sure will miss the great people we know here and the beautiful ocean, craft shops, etc. But we are more than willing to serve wherever we are needed. We drove to Junction - south of Mandeville - and rented an apartment - first one we saw. It is in the apartment complex pictured - the sister missionaries live about two doors down from us !! that will be fun. The church building is next to a bar - about 100 yards away from our complex - yay - we can walk to church. The city is in small green mountains - more pictures coming. We are both sad and glad - a new adventure but hard to leave good friends - lifelong friends!!!

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  1. What a blessing to find your apt. so quickly! So it is in Junction? Send more pictures. We are super interested and there are not many online at all. I am praying for your members in Ocho Rios, especially Paul and Jody Ann. xo