Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New District

Our new District - Sister Wilkinson, Sister Everett, Elder Krouse and Elder Ostberg.
The picture of the extension cord strung from the sisters back window to ours! we used this for almost a week before our power was turned on - creative problem solving! The lower line is a clothesline - outside of our laundry room. There are two washers and one dryer, and four tubs for hand washing ... we think we and the young sisters are the only ones who use the electronic machines! there is always clothes hanging on the line!

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  1. Fun to see a picture of Sis. Wilkinson!! I am so glad I got to meet her!! I bet you are right, you and the sisters probably are the only ones who use the washer. In Peru the ladies thought that there was no way a machine could get the clothes as clean as hand washing. Don't know if they are right and don't think I care if they are!! : )