Saturday, July 2, 2011

More wedding pictures

I made Spam sandwiches, also crab and cream cheese ones, ambrosia salad and coleslaw, plus the wedding cake - and mixed nuts and Cheers (like M and M'). Here I am giving Luke a Primary CTR ring - The cake cutting, and the new family. We took the curtains off our bedroom wall and put them up over the church blue ones, took the rug from the floor of the YW room - looked lots nicer we thought!


  1. wow! I was thinking of you and the couple getting married yesterday. I am so impressed you made a wedding cake. It turned out beautifully! It looks like you worked really hard to help, such a blessing. xo

  2. Jen - Sis. Dryden picked out the cake at the local bakery - but I did pay for it!! and the cute figurine at the top - it was a great day and we are so happy for them.