Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jamaican Life

Some misc. happenings - we found the hermit crab on the grounds of the Seacrest Beach Hotel - where we are having the Young Single Adult Conference in August. Picture of Emilee and Baden - closest I can get to holding this beautiful new grandson! Dad was sitting in the white chair skyping with Dan and Lindsey and it broke apart - down to the floor he went - wasn't hurt but the chair was surely trashed!!

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  1. The kids are loving the pics of the hermit crab. It is big! They laughed at the chair with Dad. How did it brake that badly? I am glad he wasn't hurt. So great to see pictures of Paul and hear how he is progressing. I remember when he was baptized and said prayers that he would continue to feel the spirit and keep his commitments to the Lord. I am excited for him.