Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Comfort pictures

This week has been absolutely awesome - helping with the free clinics that the US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort provides has been truly a highlight of our first 6 months in Jamaica. Here is a picture of one of the Project Hope (Seventh Day Adventist Church) nurses helping the waiting children color - Project Hope also took the Navy Band that was on board and played at a school, then washed the children's feet and gave them all new shoes. One of the sailors told me they choose two of the biggest sailors with huge arms, to help wash the children's feet...very meaningful the week before Easter Sunday. I've included also a picture of the Physical Therapy dept. - young lady and fun tech. Last is a picture of Health Education/Nutrition - very important! Our young lady from the Port Antonio Branch had her surgery successfully and all the nurses told us they loved her! We were privileged to help her and her mother get to the ship and back home - great blessing in our lives. Words can not express the sweet spirit permeating this event - doing what the Savior would have us to all the time to our fellow human beings. LDS Charities was very much evident - they have light blue shirts on - we met some wonderful people. Many blessings!

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  1. What an amazing service!! We are here to help each other, now if we could all focus on that what a wonderful place our world would be!!