Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayers answered II

I was impressed with finding a 'new friend' the first week after our other walking friends went back to Michigan...well now we have 'found' 6 more!! Four of them have been jogging/walking - some younger running up our steep hills! one is training for soccer...today we met two men who were playing tennis on our complex's court. We have a pattern where we walk the steep hills for a loop and then jog around the level tennis court for a while - then walk again and then jog again. No one has ever been on the courts playing tennis before today! and we asked if we would bother them if we jogged around - they said no and they were pretty good players the short time we were near. I hope we can continue to make friends with the neighbors, usually they are here for a week, or just a weekend or maybe a month.

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