Wednesday, February 16, 2011

three layered cookie bars

Before they take away my Betty Crocker Award I won in high school - I thought I would share a picture of these yummy three layered bars - shortcake, caramel, chocolate! I also made three puddings and layered them in glass cups - vanilla, butterscotch and chocolate - turned out very good. Thought I would add a picture taken from our patio of the Ocho Rios harbor - pretty huh?


  1. Mom, you're much better at cookies and pudding than cakes. They look delicious. I imagine the Elders love having you around so they can help you eat all these treats.

  2. Wow Mom! I don't think you have baked this much in your life! Will you post this recipe? I made a cookie like this years ago and then coulnd't find the recipe again. Maybe YOU stole it from my kitchen! haha. It looks so beautiful from your patio. I never get tired of seeing pictures of Jamaica. Love you

  3. What a view!!! and I do mean those delicious looking cookies!! Just kidding! At least you get to wake up to that view every morning if you have to be away from us!!! Love you!