Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Noni Cruise Ship

We had a fun day on Tuesday - the cruise ship in dock was full of Taithan (sp) Noni people! We first met these Japanese Young Men - all returned missionaires - they saw our name tags and came up to us! Then we met Bro. Johnson - from Orem - he told us the whole ship was Noni representatives - they had to sign up a year ago and then earn the right to come on the boat. I took a picture of him with Elder Smith. His parents served a mission here in Jamaica 19 years ago! They served in the south at Mae Pen - but he was happy to come and see the island. We then drove across town to the craft market that a member of our branch has a shop in...and met Sister Johnson - so Elder Smith took a picture of me with her... but then her husband came and he wasn't the same Bro. Johnson we had met earlier. He is an attorney and they are from Pleasant Grove - - it was such fun to meet and talk to these Saints - the Church is truly WORLDWIDE!! Nice to hear Utah accents.

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