Saturday, February 12, 2011


So - outside our door we found this huge slug - I took a picture then decided to get the ruler so you can see how large it is! Then our little 'house' lizard that is usually on the wall and ceiling eating bugs - was on the microwave - Elder Smith went to get him off only to have the lizard jump and land on Elder Smith's tie!! Both of them jumped - the lizard to the wall where he hid above the kitchen curtains and watched me fix dinner.


  1. hahaha! A lizard on any part of my body would definitely make me jump! I didn't know you have a pet in Jamaica. Is that breaking mission rules? What is his name? xo

    ps - slugs are gross,even when they are small.

  2. The lizard is an uninvited guest in our house - he usually hangs around the walls and ceilings eating bugs that get in our screens - Sister Russell calls her's Charlie - our's is just lizard - maybe Grace and Sophie can name him for us! I'll send more pictures - he usually isn't seen much - that I like!!

  3. I agree Jen, slugs are GROSS even when you don't have to get a RULER measure how big they are!!! The lizard looking over the curtains is cute. Think Dad had the right idea getting him off the microwave!!