Monday, October 3, 2011

New born kits

Elder Flake and Elder Smith at the YSA Service Project. We went to help out and we did get a gas tank so they could cook their hot dogs! We also wanted to pick up a couple of Newborn Kits for our branch. We had a new baby girl and then it is nice to have one on hand. These two are very special to me...some RS sister somewhere in North American or Canada took extra special care with them. The one has not just a cozy flannel blanket but it is quilted - darling different squares of material - I love it! as an added plus it has hand made baby booties -just an extra touch that is meaningful to me, and to the new mother, I think. The other one has the cutest pink sleeper - an expensive one - just made me smile!! Thank you Relief Society Sisters around the world for all the kind acts of service that you do everyday.

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