Monday, October 3, 2011


So many women here do their washing by hand ... and hang clothes out to dry. Here is a wooden wash board that is pretty worn out! A lady using another wooden board to wash with, and clothes hanging near a banana tree. I am very impressed with how hard these people work to have clean clothes.. Here I am with the Grandma of the family we were visiting that was doing their washing. Our apt. building has two automatic washers and one dryer and four wash tubs, plus several clothes lines. I think the missionaries use the automatic machines more than anyone else. I like to hang the sheets out on the line - they smell good...memories of being a child in Sandy, Utah and hanging laundry out all the time. Just have to watch out for bees when you bring it in!

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  1. These pictures remind me of my mission!!! I washed all my clothes by hand and have never have been so grateful for a washing machine when I got home!! I kissed the washer when I got home!!