Friday, September 16, 2011

More Hospital Pictures

Here is the Charge Nurse I talked about in the last post! Also the head table of the ceremony, and the lady in the coral suit coat is the Regional Director of Health for the North Island Region; St. Ann's Bay Hospital serves all of 3 or 4 Parrish's - like counties in the US - 350,000. The Regional Director found out some things at the meeting - like the reports say they do 10-15 surgeries a day, and it is about doubled that - she was interested to hear that...maybe the government will fund them better now. A sad note, one of the branch members, Sister Rose, was in the hospital with cervical cancer - we went to visit with her after the meeting. She has two grown daughters and a school age son and daughter. Her sister was taking care of the kids, her husband left here last year. They raise pigs for a living and she was worried about who was feeding the pigs - so Paul said he would look into it and she wasn't to worry. She is facing soon and will probably be using the new machine. The hospital has three surgical rooms and the machine will stay in one but the doctors rotate in all of them, so they will all get to use it. I can't explain how appreciative they all were - we hope that the TV channel used some of the footage they took, and there were three reporters from the print media there also - hopefully the church will get a little good publicity out of it - we don't do it for the publicity BUT there is plenty of bad rumors going around Jamaica about the Mormons!

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